Best Peel and Stick Tile for RV Backsplash Upgrade Ideas

Best Peel and Stick Tile for RV Backsplash Upgrade Ideas

Are you in the midst of renovating your RV and need some sprucing up ideas? Peel and stick backsplash can be an incredibly fun way to highlight your chosen theme and give your home on wheels a contemporary edge. Whether you're looking into a clean and modern look with grayscale or metallic designs, or want a bolder statement piece of artwork, peel and stick tiles come in all shapes, sizes, colours, designs, and textures to accommodate. You can also get rural with it by creating faux brick or stone designs that'll enhance the country charm in your RV! There truly is something for everyone. To help, our expert team considered factors such as size, adhesiveness, and design to curate this list of the best tiles for your backsplash.

1. Peel and Stick White Subway Tile

Upgraded Subway,13''x12'' Peel and Stick Tile - White

White Subway Backsplash tiles are an excellent choice for adding character to an RV kitchen. These white stick tiles offer a bright and open look, reflecting light better than darker colored tiles. Their solid and classic appearance make them the perfect complement to light countertops, so they will blend easily with any RV decorating style. Installation is super easy too since they are stick backsplash tiles, making them a great choice for adding style to your RV Kitchen.

2. Black and White Peel and Stick Mosaic Tile

Arabesque - Metal Look

Are you looking for an eye-catching and easy to install backsplash in your RV kitchen? Look no further than the black and white peel and stick mosaic tile. Calm black, classic white and calm gray, this classic design is the perfect way to achieve a timeless look while complementing any type of kitchen decor. You'll love how easy it is to install these beautiful, solid tiles and enjoy your new modern space!

3. Dolomite White Marble Peel and Stick Tiles

3''x6'' Subway Mosaic Tiles Sheeted - Dolomite White Marble

Want to spruce up your RV Kitchen with a warm and inviting feel? Look no further than herringbone backsplash tile. These 3D dolomite white marble peel and stick tiles have the same texture as natural marble for an authentic look. Try out a marble grain design to give your RV Kitchen a nice rustic touch and create a beautiful natural marble look. The marble backsplash tile is sure to bring life and personality to any RV kitchen!

4. Arabesque Peel and Stick Backsplash

Arabesque - Pink

Looking for an eye-catching statement piece or want to spruce up your RV kitchen with a natural arabesque look? Consider adding arabesque peel and stick backsplash tile! This tile mimics the beautiful texture of arabesque, but is much easier to install. With a arabesque design, you can add rustic charm to your RV interior and will create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Prepping your RV kitchen has never been easier!

5. White Mixed Gold Metal Peel and Stick Backsplash Tiles

Waterjet PVC Mixed Metal - Calacatta Gold Marble

If you want a fresh RV look, STICKGOO’s statuario white mixed gold metal peel and stick backsplash tiles will be your new favorite focal point. The tile placement forms a pattern that stands out from the standard square and rectangular styles, making your wall a lot more eye-catching. Staturio white mixed gold is full of creativity, modernity and luxury. The good choice for remodeling your RV.


If you are looking to add some unique style and flair to your RV, look no further than STICKGOO peel and stick tiles. Our selection of backsplash options is perfect for creating a stunning RV wall that you will love. With dozens of colors, designs, and styles to choose from, we have the ideal tiles to help you create the RV look that best fits with your décor. We also offer helpful DIY tips on our blog so you can create an unforgettable space for yourself or a loved one.

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