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Choose Tiles size

1. The thickness is different, the thickness of thin version tile is about 1.8mm, and the thick version is about 2.5mm (different styles will have slight differences)

2. The thick version tile has hardness and is not easy to bend. The thin version tiles can be bent and can be install on a curved surface.

3. The glue used by thick version tiles is more powerful than thin version tiles. Once it is stained, it is not easy to tear off. The thick version tiles are more suitable for use in the bathroom and behind the stove.

4. The thick version tile can be mounted on some rough surface but the thin version tiles can only be installed on smooth and dry surface.

5. The thick version tile is completed by splicing the tiles, and the thin version tile cover surface by overlapping tiles.

Gladly! We offer a free interior design service. Just leave a message (add photo about install area)

They are strikingly similar. Once they are installed, very few people are able to tell the difference between them.

Divide the surface that you need to cover into rectangular sections and measure each section. Then enter your dimensions section by section into our calculator and click Calculate. It will calculate the number of tiles to order based on the model chosen. The tool automatically adds 10% to the total of tiles, for the cutting losses. In the calculator, convert your dimensions in feet (1 foot = 12 inches).